Few Good Geeks is a name that houses a gang of individuals whose only power source is their sense of curiosity. Left without it, the universe is nothing but huge lumps of rock and gas floating in the infinite void. But seen through the eyes of the curious person, out come all the amazing formulas, creative solutions, fantastical stories and, most importantly, immeasurable questions born out of the desire to understand. Curiosity is the spark that started our little geek squad, and it is the strongest wind that fills the sails of our techy vessel. We love looking for complex problems since they are the most relevant sources for gaining knowledge. The world is full of these exciting challenges and we are always up to the task to tackle them. Are you?

Senior UX_UI Developer

5 to 8 years experience

Senior Front-End Developer in ReactJS

3 to 5 years of experience

Open Call

Looking for curious and passionate techy individuals.